Posted by: Cid | August 17, 2009


On this bright and shiny (not yet, thank God) morning, this is what the Universe had to say to me:

If you could actually stand in someone else’s shoes, Cid, to hear what they hear, see what they see, and feel what they feel, you would honestly wonder what planet they live on, and be totally blown away by how different their “reality” is from yours.

You’d also never, in a million years, be quick to judge again.
Just sayin’
The Universe

and there’s always a P.S.

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
© ®

Not to fret, Cid, they’d wonder about your planet, too.

so f’n perfect! as I jump into this new, fresh blogging space I need to remember…sometimes I appear to be from a different planet to other people. I know I do, so don’t try to be all nice about it 🙂  I have a different perspective on many, many things… and I like that about myself (usually) and hope it makes for an entertaining blog and lots of good discussion! At this point, I think I’m going to just do what my friend Carli suggested…which is just write until I figure out what I want to write about. (Carli really is a genius, both with and without her camera.)

So, peeps…pipe up! What do you want me to wax poetic about? I’m up for just about anything…and if you know me at all, you know it’s true 😉



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