Posted by: Cid | August 17, 2009

just another Manic ___day!

I often say that every day is the same around here… it’s not the SAME, but until we get back into the swing of things with homeschool park day, music class, etc. any given day could be any day of the week. Clear as mud? Sometimes I think I’d like to have clearly delineated weekdays and WEEKENDS, but then I think that may be over-rated. *I* wouldn’t know, lol.

Dig’s schedule is a little wonky. By a “little” I mean that every week is different, and may include any number of day shifts, overnight “alert” shifts and/or blocks of 3-4 days of out-of-town “alert” shifts. We usually have a month’s schedule at a time…but changes can be made, and often are. Got a feel for what I’m talking about yet? This is one HUGE reason that unschooling works for us! The boys and I can spend time with their daddy whenever he happens to be home…and that’s rarely on the weekends when they’d be out of prison school.

When it cools off [um, so by Christmas maybe] the boys and I will have a rhythm to our week, even if it’s not a schedule, per se. [My dislike of a schedule of ANY kind will probably be a topic of discussion here in the future.] Mondays will include afternoon music class (if Declan still wants to do that come September)… Tuesdays and Thursdays will be homeschool park/karate for Declan days… except every other week the boys’ bookclub meets on Thursdays… and we may try to fit in tennis for both of them again… and there’s the new homeschool co-op starting up- we may want to participate in some classes when it gets going (and they’re looking for people to lead classes… I just can’t seem to figure out how to translate my many talents into even one friggin’ class!)

I also enjoy some time to myself [again, a future blogging topic… since there are so many mommies out there who say that don’t need “me” time… am I just a selfish hag, or is there something in my genetic makeup that makes me go crazy if I don’t get some time to myself? I have theories!] So, if Dig’s not working a month of nights instead of days (that happens every three or four months, just to keep life interesting) I usually have Tuesday nights “off”. I run errands, sans kiddos, take in a chick flick, sit and read at Starbucks…any number of exciting things.

Once a month, I facilitate the local Unschooling United group… where there is always fun to be had, lively discussion, and incredible synergy. [okay, not ALWAYS… last month, there was just lil ‘ole me… where were my peeps? All I know is I waited, reading Dayna’s new book, for an hour and then high-tailed it to dinner at Macaroni Grill and soaked up some more blessed “me” time…I need it, people… seriously.]

Most Sundays I have the sitter come from 12-4…on the rare occasion that Dig’s not working, we have a lunch date and then go somewhere exciting, like OSH! Otherwise, it’s all about ME… I get some girlfriend time or spend the time at Costco, Lowe’s or wherever else I need to go. Ooooooh, and sometimes the carwash…I love it when Sparky [my Escape hybrid] is shiny clean!

About 5 seconds a week I feel guilty for leaving the boys with Dig or the sitter so I can get away…and then I get a grip and realize that they have me at least 158 out of 168 hours of the week. I guess I’m not a slacker-mom after all.

sign at SF park

So…now you have the lay of the land- I like to call it “Lough-Lough Land”.

What day is it anyway?


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