Posted by: Cid | August 31, 2009

Fabulous Unschooling Article

and my comment:

Brilliant article!! We’ve been an unschooling family (our boys are 6.5 & 10) since I was introduced to the term years back, and realized there was a name for how we live, love and learn together. Preserving our child’s love of learning was our primary objective when making the original decision not to send our oldest off to pre-school at the ripe age of 3 (despite the worries and pressure from family and friends). My boys are *interesting* and *interested* young men… what more could a parent ask for! So many things that people think can only be learned in a school building come very naturally to children who are able to pursue their interests on their own terms (previous comments mention rote memorization and “basic information”). There is support out there for people who are interested in this way of life… people can check out the links you provide, as well as, where they can find a local facilitator who is available to answer questions and may hold support meetings 🙂 Again, kudos on your article!!

I wanted to make sure that Unschooling United was mentioned somewhere, so that people who are seriously interested in unschooling are able to contact a facilitator. This life is hard to grasp, even for those who WANT to get it. I mean, it’s nothing like WE were raised, right? That’s why I try to be kind, but don’t waste much time bantering back and forth with people who obviously DON’T want to get it…I’d rather spend my time with parents who are trying to move toward radical unschooling and need love and support 🙂

I hope you enjoy the article… I love that he opened with that amazing quote from Sandra Dodd, and gave a link to her website- it is full of good unschooling quotes, ideas and such from many, many unschoolers. May the idea of free children run rampant through the minds of many who read this- I know there are many out there who want to find a better way…



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