Posted by: Cid | January 1, 2010

Word of the Year for 2010…

I’ve been pondering this for awhile now. This is my third year picking a word for the year, and by far the most difficult time I’ve had. After attending one of Christine Kane’s amazing retreats in November of 2007, I was inspired to make some real changes in my thinking… and that included choosing a word to embrace. In 2008 my word was CREATE. 2009 was ALLOW. This last week, in true Cid fashion, I had at least a dozen words floating around in my head- including EFFORTLESSNESS, BE, NOW, JOY, STRETCH, HULA, CHERISH, and CLARITY… but as I ran around the house today, totally stressed out for no real reason at all, I realized that the word I need this year is very simple. BREATHE.

When I dwell on the past or waste even a moment trying to predict the future… BREATHE. When I start to jump from one project to the next instead of just finishing what I started… BREATHE. When I hear “MOOOOOOMMMM?!” being yelled from the other room, for like the bazillionth time… BREATHE. When I need to make a decision… check in with mySelf  and BREATHE. When I feel totally overwhelmed… BREATHE.

I recently bought myself a bracelet and had it inscribed with “Smile, breathe & go slowly” (Thich Naht Hanh quote adaptation). I hope this will be a reminder to me as this new year begins. To live in the moment, to take my time, to find joy in each day, to cherish instead of taking my many blessings for granted.

Maybe some year I’ll choose INSPIRE or DAZZLE or some such fabulousness ☺ but for 2010 I’ll just BREATHE, thank you very much.


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