Posted by: Cid | January 27, 2010

another week, lotsa going on!

I don’t even know what to blog about this week…

Some notable happenings (in no certain order):

  • Today… I found a piano teacher!! My friend, Misa, and I talked about starting up lessons =)  Time and “childcare” is usually an issue, but I don’t have to worry about finding somewhere for the boys to be, because they can come along and play or hang out with her son, George during my lesson! After talking to Misa about my childhood piano past… my positive attributes (sight-reading skills) and my shortcomings (ummm, practicing), I think she has an excellent idea of what kind of student I’ll be, lol. I’m so excited to get back into it… my last piano lesson was 25 years ago, so it’s almost like starting fresh!
  • The radio commercial that I sang for ran on a local radio station last weekend!! I have to admit, it was pretty surreal to be driving to meet a friend for lunch, and have it come on and hear myself ON THE RADIO in my car! I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to pursue more opportunities, not just wait for them to drop in my lap (like this one did…). I really do have the ideal schedule (very flexible) and enough knowledge to be pretty marketable. And recording was a JOY! I haven’t felt that “in-my-element” in a looooooong time. So watch out (and listen for) more of me in the future!
  • I have agreed to take on the position of librarian for The Learning Village, our new local homeschool co-op. I’m quite the commitment-phobe, so this is a big deal. I’m looking forward to checking out how the lending-library (not just books, but games, educational toys and more!) is set up currently, and excited about finding new, fun ways to get the word out to the community. Dig and I are also working up ideas for The Learning Village logo!! Graphic art projects are one arena that we really work well together, so it’s gonna be good…
  • I’m going to be in a book club (for myself) again!! It’s been awhile since the other wives (from Dig’s work) and I let our book club slip away… we were down to just 3 of us that would come every month, lol. Looks like people are excited again, ’cause there are like 15 interested gals this time around! I offered to lead the first month (because I heard of a great book, and didn’t want anyone else to choose it- THANKS, BECKY!)… so I got to pick the book and the location for our gathering! Can’t beat an excuse for having a few more “girl time” hours a month, right?!
  • Speaking of books… right now I’m reading  The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer (along with a few other titles, in true Cid fashion). Beautiful book about “moving to the rhythms of your true self”. I’ve been wanting to tweet (I’m a twitter wannabe, and like Facebook so. much. better.) some of the passages that have touched me, but there are so many… I may have to do a blog discussion with myself (which isn’t really that hard… I *am* a Gemini, after all).
  • Areas of our home have been mysteriously transformed into organized, functional living spaces!! It’s like the invasion of the body snatchers around here, people! If it wasn’t my own body, I would swear it must be true… all of a sudden I’m finding myself organizing things, one shelf at a time (much thanks to my dear friend, Silvia, who shared this revelation with me). This month alone, I’ve organized the linens (now in labeled plastic storage bags), the *entire* laundry closet (all 5 huge shelves), the front-entry bookshelf (I have ROOM TO SPARE on the bottom shelf), my “area” of the garage (now in bins that the MICE [another story for another time] can’t get into), the coat closet (much thanks to my sweet hula-sister, Nancy, for pushing me through the pain on that one), and my desk-top (up until now, this has been my Achilles heel).  Through all of the organizing, I’ve removed many bags of stuff for a March yard sale… it feels so freeing. amazing. I may just become addicted.

Whew, enough for now… it’s after 1am and I may just be able to coax this over-active brain of mine to sleep. Of course, as soon as I drift off, I’ll probably hear the pitter-patter of little T-feet. And that too, is another story for another time.



  1. Hi Cid! Finally got a minute to read this!! So much going on in your life! Thanks for sharing!!

    Love & Light,

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