Posted by: Cid | February 19, 2010


too. much. information.

I know it’s not appropriate to share a story from the gynocologist… but I have been known to be a bit uncouth when there is a good story to share, and this one has kept me giggling for more than 24 hours, so I must share it.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my new gynocologist. From the moment he walked into the room I was impressed with his wit, humor, and conversational skills… a talker like me, I could tell that we were going to get along just fine! He’d asked how to prounce my last name when he first came into the room, and that got us talking about the name being Irish… a bit later, he noticed my Celtic knot bracelet tattoo, and when I told him what it was, he asked what my maiden name was. When I told him, he responded “well, you’re Irish all the way around then!”  I told him that it was the most visible of my 10 tattoos, and we laughed about how I don’t look like the “tattoo type” and how the stereotype has changed over the years.

So we get to the point in the exam where I need to scoot down to the edge of the table and put my feet into the stirrups…

He sits down, lifts the drape and exclaims… “WOW, it’s like a gallery under here!!”

I couldn’t stop laughing… and joked with him that I’d have to put THAT on Facebook. It just may be the subtitle for my book of memoirs someday 😉



  1. ROFL! Thank you for that much needed belly laugh!!

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