About Cid

I’m Queen of the Boy House…I love music and wish I could figure out my place in that world… I love ellipsis (…) and think it’s because that’s how my thoughts go- with little pauses everywhere (though I don’t use them correctly, according to this site um, whatever.)

I love 90% of my life, and that’s an ‘A’ right? I may blog about the 10% some of the time, but I’d really like to live in the 90%… you get more of what you focus on 🙂  Sometimes a girl’s gotta bitch, though, so I reserve the right to go “there” every once in awhile!

Currently, I’m interested in Human Design and the Enneagram because they’re giving me insights into my little quirks and all the things about me that drive my sweet hubby crazy, lol. Okay, so I drive myself crazy sometimes too… and I’d like to figure out how to be the best me I can be, within the parameters of who I AM.

shit… okay that will have to be a post all on its own 🙂


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